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point-09.png Montserrat Adventure - Full Day
Intense, varied and fun tour that allows us to discover the central massif of Montserrat and simultaneously enjoy the verticality without being expert climbers. From the Romanesque monastery of Santa Cecilia, we will advance on the shade of the mountain and climb to the Coll del Miracle. We will follow the entertaining path of Pas de l'Esfinx and enter the dizzying realm of Echoes, an exciting and unforgettable journey that will make us feel like real explorers. The descent via the Canal dels Micos will give way to a mysterious world of deep forests and endless steep ravines. If you like adventure and mountains, you should not miss this tour!
  • Activity price: 275€ (fixed price, from 1 to 8 people). This price includes: VAT, guided tour in English (by a certified mountain guide) and accident insurance for mountain activities.
  • Picnic price: 18€/person. This price includes: big sandwich, mineral water (1,5l), fruit and chocolate bar.
  • Transfer price from/to Barcelona (both ways included):
  • · 1 to 3 people: 180€
  • · 4 to 6 people: 225€
  • · 7 or 8 people: 245€
  • Contact: